Six Ways to Steam Up Your Sex Life After Baby

Having a baby can be very rewarding for a couple or for the new mother. However, after the pregnancy and birth, the new mother typically is mentally and physically exhausted. That means getting back into regular sexual activity may require some time. In worse case scenarios, some couples go through serious droughts after the baby is brought home. Yet there is no need to despair since there are several ways to steam up your sex life after your baby is born. Keep in mind that you should always consult with your doctor before resuming sexual intercourse after birth. There are several issues to consider which may be different, depending on your childbirth.

Sex In New Places

A typical problem many couples face in their relationships is boredom in the bedroom. One thing which can help all couples in this scenario – not just new parents – is change of sex venue. This means finding new places to have sex in. You could try the car, laundry room, basement, couch or even the back yard.

Begin Working Out

Most new mothers often feel dissatisfied with their bodies after birth. Many gain weight and it affects their self-esteem. One way to combat both issues is to begin working out. Doing this will not only help you shed the pounds, it will also make you feel better both physically and mentally. And it can boost your sex life since you will have more energy and positive attitude.

Get Some Sleep

One may think that suggesting to someone to get sleep may not be the way to better sex. However, that is totally the opposite since most people don’t have sex because of lack of sleep. People who sleep better tend to have more energy. On the other hand, those who do not are often angry, stressed, sad and tired. Who wants to be in the mood for sex if feeling like that? Get some sleep and soon, you will be in the mood for more sex.

Try A Quickie

Hectic lifestyles don’t provide enough time for people to have sex. Once a baby is born, this becomes an even greater issue. One way to help alleviate the problem is by having a quickie. Squeeze in a quickie in bathroom or anywhere you can get it. This will help you both get rid of lack of sex frustration. Plus, it will keep the flame in the relationship alive until you find more time.

Work On Intimacy

You don’t always have to have sex to be connected to your partner. A hug, kiss, touch or simple laying next to each other will provide emotional intimacy. Doing so will let you work on the physical part later.

Talk About Sex

Communication is one of the key elements in every relationship. Talking about sex may help get you both in the mood. Share what you would like to do, fantasies and new ideas.



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