Exercises Every Man Should Do to Improve His Sex Life

Working out regularly delivers countless benefits. It can help you look great, be healthier and live longer. Plus, exercising will also boost your performance levels in the bedroom. The truth is every man out there wants to be the best he can be when it comes to his sexual prowess. These exercises every man should to improve his sex life can help in that department. The best part about them is that they don’t require too much other than workout. At the same time, you will also be toning your body and burning fat.

Strengthen Upper body

The logic behind this particular workout is rather simple since it involves improving your upper body strength. Supporting your own body weight during most sexual positions is essential. This will allow you to go on longer in both the receiving and giving end. Workouts to strengthen upper body can be pushups or a Swiss-ball press-up. These work your chest, triceps and shoulders. Ideal for men who enjoy doing the missionary sexual position.


Although these are typically considered great exercises for women, they are excellent for men as well. These help you strengthen the muscles that stop the flow of urine or the pubococcygeys (PC). In addition, Kegels aid in the perineal muscles which support how rigid your erectility will be.  If that wasn’t enough, these help boost your ejaculation power. It is all about training your pelvic floor muscles. Besides helping you perform better sexually, they also aid in premature ejaculation and ED.

Hip Flexor Lunges

Performing hip flexor lunges works out your hips and help you gain power in that area. Ideal for those who like the T-bar sexual positions.

Ball Crunches

Being able to do ball crunches requires stability, balance and power. These are all very important when it comes to sex and upper body strength. Your back, thrusting prowess and other areas are parts which can be hurt during sexual intercourse. But, by doing ball crunches, you will gain balance power and stability.

Hinge Bow

Besides needing great upper body strength, you also need lower body. Doing the hinge bow exercise works out your quads. These can provide greater flexibility during sex as well. They allow you to move more freely and easily as you have intercourse.

Plank Pose

The plank pose workout is effective for the bedroom and the gym. They render amazing stamina and endurance. These are part of the upper body strengthening workouts.

Lying Gluteal Bridge

The lying gluteal bridge workout provides endurance and stamina. That’s because they mimic the movements most people carry out during sex. They help work out your hamstrings and glutes so your muscles will not give out on you too soon.

Bench Ball Press

You can obtain numerous benefits to your biceps, lats, forearms, pecs, abdominals and deltoids from the bench ball press. Not only are these awesome for keeping you fit, they are also great for when making love.

Provide excellent results since they require the same type of strength and muscles used during most sexual positions.

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