All of the Benefits of Sex in Marriage

Engaging in sexual relations with your spouse is a very important aspect in a marriage. Statistics show that numerous matrimonies end because of lack of sex. While sexual encounters may not be the only thing that keeps a marriage together, it is a crucial factor. Making love to your spouse on a regular basis has emotional, physical and health benefits for you to gain from. The following list detailing all of the benefits of sex in a marriage showcase why.

Bring Down The Blood Pressure

Being intimate and having physical contact with your loved one will drastically decrease your blood pressure. Having sex – even if they are quickies – will keep you healthy by reducing your diastolic blood pressure.

Relieves Stress

Most people go through their daily life with tons of things which can spike up their stress levels. Engaging in frequent love making sessions with your wife or husband will reduce stress. Physical and emotional contact with your spouse can help bring down the stress levels right away.

Increase Your Immune System

Seems like the cold, flu and other sickness are afraid of sex. That’s because each time you have sex, antigens are released. The immunoglobulin A, are one of them. These are great when it comes to aiding in the fight against the flu and common cold. Sex equals a healthier you and stronger immune system.

Lower Risks Of Heart Attacks

Since having sexual intercourse is an awesome form of cardio, it can help make you healthier. Not only do you burn calories, you also keep your heart healthy. Studies have shown that people who have sex at least three times per week, cut their risks of heart attacks by half.

Get Better Sleep

Nothing beats insomnia better than good old-fashioned sex. It acts in the same way working out regularly does to boost your heart rate. That aids you in not only relaxing your body, it also lets you sleep better.

Improve Your Menstrual Cycle

Due to work, chaotic and strenuous lifestyles, many women face irregular periods. But, if you reduce stress and have sex with your partner, you can improve on your menstrual cycle. In addition to that, the level of menstrual cramps are lowered.

Lower The Risk Of Cancers

Having sex frequently can help women cut the risk of breast cancers. For men, it lowers the risks of prostate and others. When you make love on a regular basis, the prostate is cleared of toxins. Without the sex, they remain and can ultimately cause cancer or similar issues as you get older.

Makes You Happier

Having sex sends signals to your brains which are positive, which is beneficial in making you feel happier. The feel-good chemicals in our bodies that help make our moods lighter, are released. Serotonin is a happy hormone that is let loose as you make love. The more sex you have, the more serotonin is released. That equals to being happier and avoiding depression.

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